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After taking care of a couple horses and some weeds I went out to the nest today. The forecast was cloudy and 70% chance of rain with a temperature of 58. I was pleased that the weather had not turned out to be what was foretasted, at least not yet. 

When I arrived I saw Ricky on top of the nest tree and Lucy midway down. I checked if I could see either eaglet or both and did not so I proceeded down the street to check the landing as the tide was low. I was about to make the turn when I noticed a young eagle tucked in a tree along the bluff. I snapped a few shots from up top and did not care much for the angle and the brush in the way. I proceeded down to the landing and had much better luck! 

After the landing I headed back up to check on Ricky & Lucy. I had seen both take off for the Dungeness Spit a minute prior and was curious why they left the nest unguarded. I arrived and so did Ricky and Lucy so i kept on going to see if any other interesting birds were around. I glanced into the trees and saw a bird and immediately knew what it was, a male Peregrine Falcon. 

If you recall the day of the "War" on April 24th there were two male Peregrine Falcons involved. Was this one of the culprits? I turned around and parked up at the nest and walked down street carefully and slowly as to not startle the "speeding bullet" I saw him and he saw me. Oddly enough he was content where he was and I snapped freehand a lot of pictures. I had to attempt a 60x and 75x shot so I scurried back to the truck for my tripod and remote. When I returned he had moved! 

I have been told I have knack for seeing birds that are really hard to spot. I found the lil feller tucked in another branch. I proceeded to take several shots of him and then headed back to the nest. I seem to be at one with nature. The second I get setup the oldest eaglet pops up and looks at me and the other folks that were patiently waiting to spot him. He looks around for a bit and looks left, right, up, down, and then he hones in on his Mom, Lucy bringing a large branch to the nest. The two interact a bit and Lucy looks over her back at her youngest who was not visible to me but Lucy would just stare at her child. The eaglet was probably wiggling around. 

After the eaglet became inactive I decided to leave and as I headed home I remembered some construction going on and I made a detour just to see if any hawks or eagles were around. I pulled onto a road called Hogback, sort of a funny name, and saw a large grey hawk-like bird on a telephone cable. It took a couple seconds for it to click that it was a male Northern Harrier. I told myself, nah that can't be right they don't perch like that. They prefer to be low but this guy was content being up high. I tried to no avail to photograph him. He was too skittish even from afar. I never tried to get within 80ft of him just so he had his space. He wasn't having any of it. 

I figured out why he was so quick to bail. His wife was down below watching and he was supposed to be hunting. She was calling to him from below while he was on the hill with me. I went to see her and say hello. She was more accepting of my presence and I successfully snapped some pictures. She poked around the bushes and went to her nest against the hill and tucked behind a bush. Her mate was still flying low and far away hunting. The weather was worsening and was a light drizzle during this whole escapade. After the female Northern Harrier returned to her nest it became a light rain so I decided to return home. 



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Ricky and Lucy have two eaglets once more http://eagleeyesphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/ricky-and-lucy-have-two-eaglets-once-more My friends,

         This year I was fortunate to have a friend witness my home nest Bald Eagles' Ricky and Lucy mate. We then determined five days later   that an egg was laid. The first egg was laid on the 18th of March. On April 24th the thirty-five day incubation period came to a conclusion and the very next day both Ricky and Lucy became very defensive and vocal at their nest tree. A Seagull would fly by and the both of them would break out in calls to warn off the curious bird. I spent the majority of the 24th at the nest photographing my Eagles as they defended their home and their newborn eaglets.

       Eager to see the eaglets I spent a few hours every day since the hatching standing at the ready with my camera on my tripod with remote in hand. Ricky and Lucy's nest is located on a bluff very close to a road. Most days I am at the nest many people curious about what I am looking at will pull over and ask questions. This is where I shine with my love for the Eagles and these Eagles specifically. I do not hold a degree in wildlife biology or anything. My love from them stems from when I was a little guy living in Chugiak, AK. The experience that led to my love for them occurred when a rather large Bald Eagle landed outside my parents bedroom window. I stood there staring at this eagle and she did the same to me for several minutes before taking off. After that experience I was looking at books about them at my school library, counting them on trees as we drove to and fro all over Alaska. 

       Fast-forward to moving to Sequim, Washington. The move up was a long drive from Temecula, California. I had been looking forward to seeing my first Bald Eagle in 15 years. One afternoon my Dad asked if I would like to go have a look around. We hopped in our truck and drove all around Sequim and ended up on Marine Drive, the street that the bluff runs along. I saw a Bald Eagle perched high in a tree and that was the first Eagle in 15 years that I had seen. We drove down the street and I saw two Bald Eagles in a tall dead tree. One was up top and the other midway down. I took a brief video with my cellphone and we moved on. I had no idea there was a nest there when I took the video. Finally I started exploring on my own and discovered there was in fact a nest. 

       After meeting a few other photographers at the nest I bought a camera and entered into the digital age of photography. I befriended the other "dedicated" photographers there and began spending hours upon hours there photographing and taking video. After a while I decided to put up a website and sale my work. I have built up a reputation in my town as the "Eagle photographer" and that I find rewarding as well. I named the Eagles Ricky and Lucy a few months into watching the nest and made them well known via Youtube and Facebook.

     Now back to the 2013 Eaglets. After they hatched I had people pulling over asking if they had eaglets and how old they were and so on. I answer and often spike more interest in them after I formally introduce them as Ricky and Lucy. They are a hit with almost everyone who meets them. These eaglets being almost 3 weeks old now are becoming visible. As of Cinco De Mayo one eaglet was spotted and photographed. Credit to that goes to my friend Bill who has the first actual photos proving the eaglet was there. As the days continued on the eaglet was spotted more and more and the other one as well. One of the couples living in a house in sight of the nest confirmed that Ricky and Lucy had once again had two successful hatches. 

    As time goes on they will become larger and more visible. Growing at 6oz a day these eaglets will be large and dark gray in a matter of a couple weeks from now. I will be posting various photos here but for now go to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.584973698192926.1073741835.471710786185885&type=1 to see the first album of the new eaglets.

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