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Hi, I am Charles Levy and this is my site EagleEyes Photography. I started out doing black and white photography in High School. I learned everything from depth of field to the developing methods and dark room. The very next year the digital age began. I didn't get involved in digital photography until early 2012, nearly 7 years after digital began. My first digital camera was not a DSLR from Nikon or Canon. It was a Fujifilm P&S. Nonetheless the results were amazing and my entry into digital photography had started. I live in Sequim, Washington and most of my captures are from the surrounding areas. I believe my captures are unique in the fact that I am able to be close to my subjects after being in their lives regularly and showing them the respect they deserve. I created this site to share some of my various photographic works from wildlife to landscapes. I have a passion for wildlife, namely Bald Eagles, as well as nature. I want to share my captures so that others could see it and perhaps spark their interest in nature and photography alike. Photography is very rewarding in that when someone sees a photo you took and is amazed by it, you feel something of accomplishment.